“Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence. All parts are interconnected.” - T. Collin Campbell, Food Matters

Nutrition for Outdoor Lifestyles

Do you struggle with understanding what are “good foods” and what are “bad foods”? Have you found yourself wandering the grocery aisle, aimlessly looking for that next hot item to jump-start your new diet and healthy eating habits?

Wander no more! JIM has certified Health Coaches to design and implement a program specifically catered to your dietary needs and weight loss goals. Each program is structured to create a strong foundation of food knowledge to help you make informed decisions of what truly constitutes “good foods”. By the end of your custom program, you’ll have a positive relationship with food, and a deeper connection to your body's’ nutritional needs for optimal function and performance.

The idea of proper nutrition has been diluted, re-written, and become opinions rather than facts, that it’s no wonder consumers have become sick, obese, and riddled with disease.

Knowledge is power, and it is JIM’s goal to place the power of food knowledge in the consumer's hands now more than ever. Contact JIM at 892-0875 to get your nutrition journey started.